Planning Your Tip to Las Vegas

Planning Your Tip to Las Vegas

image of the las vegas strip

When you only have a few days in Las Vegas, it’s smart to plan your trip. After all, this is the city to have fun and loose yourself. Still, when things aren’t exactly planned correctly, things can go south! When you’re here, you want to capitalize on your time as it may seem limited. The following are some things we think you should consider before arriving here:

Carefully Choose Your Hotel

Las Vegas is known for affordable accommodations¬†if you know where to find the best deals. Sites like TripAdvisor, Groupon,, and others can find the cheapest rooms for less than $100 per night when searched a month ahead. When you’re in Las Vegas, location is imperative to get the most of your stay. If you’re not big on gambling, you may want to consider other hotels that highlight what you’re interested in such as food, drink, and shopping.

Consider the Location

Here’s the thing that people don’t really say about Vegas– there’s a lot of walking. When you’re looking at a map of the Strip, you might underestimate their distance as they seem to look close together. In actuality, hotels that appear ‘next door’ might be a twenty-minute walk.

Find Deals on Activities

Las Vegas is the capital of live entertainment. At less than $50, you can see a show and have a good time. Of course, finding the best deals means that you have to do a little bit of research. Don’t be fooled by purchasing tickets at retail price. In Las Vegas, there will always be a cheaper deal!

Outside of Las Vegas

If you didn’t know it yet, Las Vegas is only a few minutes away from a desert oasis: Lake Mead. If you want a vacation from your vacation, Lake Mead is the best place to consider! Try water sports in the middle of the desert and learn from the best instructors in the nation. Or you can simply take a tour to see the entire premises.

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