Things To Do In Las Vegas During The Holidays

Things To Do In Las Vegas During The Holidays

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Las Vegas is known for its elaborate city lights, and it’s what brings tourism to the city. When it comes to the holidays, it takes the town to a whole new level with festivities in the air. Sin City is no stranger to holidays as it is a great spot to enjoy a good ole fun. When casinos showcase a glistening Christmas tree, it’s as thought it was taken from a dream. So, what are some Las Vegas attractions during the holidays?  The following are just some that you cannot miss.

Opportunity Village

This is a local’s go-to around the Christmas season. From there, you’ll see a vibrant amount of holiday displays, Santa Claus, and sparkling Christmas lights. This is a Las Vegas attraction that you don’t want to miss. Take a look at thousands of lights through the Magical Forest as you’re find yourself enchanted by its marvel. They’re open in December every night from 5:30PM to 10PM.

 Bellagio Dancing Fountains

You have not visited Las Vegas if you haven’t seen the Bellagio Dancing Fountains. This Las Vegas attraction is like no other as it takes you to a mesmerizing wonder. While visitors stroll in and out of casinos, this Las Vegas attraction is found outside of Bellagio. This is a marvelous free show that everyone can enjoy from all walks of life. Around the holidays, a choreography of ‘dancing’ waters is played along with an astounding selection of Christmas music.

 Ethel M Chocolate Factory

What’s a Christmas holiday without chocolates? At Ethel M Chocolate Factory, you’ll see 300 different types of cacti with over 500,000 lights all around the property. If that’s not enough, they have molded chocolates like reindeers, Santa Clause, and chocolate houses.

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

LED lights start in Las Vegas Springs Preserve with eco-friendly and colorful organization. About half a million of these lights are illuminated around the eight-acre land along with performances by local bands. Take advantage of the Winter Lights Festival from Friday-Sunday, 5PM to 9PM. To enter, the admission cost is $8 per person and each child get in for $4.


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