Water Sports Experience

At Las Vegas Watersport, we offer the most exciting and thrill-seeking water sports around Las Vegas!
Our activities include wakeboarding, wake surfing, water skiing, kneeboarding, and tubing.
Learn more about each of our activities below, and book your thrilling adventure today!


Wakesurfing is when a surfer trails behind a wakeboard boat, and surfs on the wake without being directly being attached to the boat. To wake surfer, the surfer will get up on the wave by using.a tow rope, and by dropping the rope to ride the wave created by the boat!

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Wakeboarding involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water! It is a combination of water skiing and surfing techniques. The wakeboarder is towed behind a motorboat, typically at speeds of 18-25 mph!

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Water Skiing is a sport in which the individual is pulled behind a boat, using water skis to skim across the surface of the water. The skier starts by crouching down in the water, and when they are ready the boat accelerates to pull the skier so they can stand up.

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Kneeboarding is when the individual is towed on a surf style board with fins. The rider kneels on the board and is secured to the board by a velcro strap. Kneeboarding is great for beginners because of its easier learning curve.

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A Watersport classic, tubing is when an individual or group (dependent on the tube size), rides on top of an inner tube and is towed across the water! Tubing across Lake Mead is a fun activity for all ages!

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