Five Water Sports To Try Before You Die

Five Water Sports To Try Before You Die

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Are you looking for fun under the sun? You can now experience beach-like activities thanks to Las Vegas Water Sports! You don’t have to travel five hours away to California to experience the ocean when you have an incredible body of water right at your front door. At Lake Mead Recreational Area, you can have the thrill of your life by trying out the following water sports activities.



This is a water sport where the surfer directly trails behind a boat. They do this by surfing the boat’s wake without actually being attached to the boat. The cool part about this is that the wake produced by the boat copies the experience of an ocean wave. When wake surfers have gotten up from the wave, they release the tow rope as they ride the wake created by the boat. This fashion resembles ocean surfing altogether. For this water sport, wake surfers usually haul along special boards that are less than five feet to get the best experience.



Some people confuse wake surfing to wakeboarding, but the truth is that there is a huge difference. Wakeboarding is a water sport that heavily involves riding a particular board over the surface of the water. This sport is actually a combination of snowboarding, water skiing, and surfing techniques. On average, the rider is towed behind a motorboat at around 18-25 mph. Of course, the speed heavily depends on the rider’s weight, comfort, tricks and board size.



Surfers are towed on a board that is designed with fins for easy maneuvering. Many times, you can use kneeboard with beach waves as well. Riders kneel with their heels on the board. Surfers are secured to the deck with Velcro straps. One of the advantages of this particular water sport is that it is easier to learn because water seems to feel closer when falls occur.



If you’re looking to relax, water tubing might just be for you. This is a recreational activity where you ride on an inner tube. These tubes are sometimes referred to as donuts because of their shape. There are two ways to enjoy this activity which is by free-floating or towed.


Water Skiing

This is a water sport where surfers are skimming the surface of the water all the while being tugged by a boat. Typically, it starts with a deep water start as the skier crouches down on the water. When they are ready, the boat driver speeds the up to pull the skier out.

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