Why Lake Mead is the Go-To Spot When You’re in Las Vegas

Why Lake Mead is the Go-To Spot When You’re in Las Vegas

image of a woman hanging out by the lake.

When you make a trip to the Sin City, you have a million options you can choose from to decide what your trip will entail. Most of those ideas revolve around you staying on the strip, experiencing the gaming and night-life of Las Vegas. If you have family and kids with you, you might try to steer away from that and find something for everyone to do. No matter the case of being with kids or not, the strip and never sleeping city can get old and boring after awhile. In that case, a change of scenery is your best option to discover new parts of Nevada outside of Las Vegas. There is no better place to do that than Lake Mead!

Located about 24 miles southeast of the Las Vegas Strip, Lake Mead has everything you need to make your trip adventurous and new! Lake Mead provides beautiful landscape, breathtaking views, and hundreds of opportunities for different activities that you and the whole family can engage in.  

If you are looking for something physical, we suggest checking out some of the 15 hiking trails that range from easy to very strenuous and are surrounding the lake. You can go to the lakeshore, north shore, or even climb up to Lake Mohave. Some trails are closed off seasonally, but it is worth checking out for some amazing views.

Maybe you’d like to spend more time in the water, and that is something Las Vegas Water Sports can help you with! We offer a wide range of water activities such as wakeboarding, tubing, water-skiing, and much more. Click on the “Experiences” tab on our website to learn more about the different services we offer.

To wrap up your time at the Lake, you may think you’ll have to go back to the city in order to enjoy a decadent dinner in a nice restaurant, but instead you could enjoy a fabulous and romantic lake dinner cruise. Setting sail about an hour before sunset, you are able to dive into a delicious meal with a gorgeous sunset lake view aboard the Desert Princess.

With all of these great things to do in and on Lake Mead, this will be your new go-to place whenever you find yourself in the Las Vegas Valley.

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