Water Sports Driving Sales in China’s Market

Water Sports Driving Sales in China’s Market

Swimwear continues to skyrocket in Chinese market.

China has found a new interest in water sports that’s been driving its swimwear campaigns through the roof. Foreign and local manufacturers are setting their focus on practical designs that are meant for indoor swimming.

More than 16 years ago, Speedo began selling their swimwear products in China. It has noted that the interest for swimwear has expanded relatively quick all thanks to the public’s interest in fitness and health.

The company has a presence in various spots all throughout China. Policies within the government have been supporting the development of high-end fitness clubs and swimming pools.

According to Speedo’s marketing manager, Roger Mao, “The demand has evolved from low-priced durable products to high-quality branded goods with functions and technology that provide an enjoyable swim experience.”

Interestingly enough, notable marketing trends have noted that customers from China are asking for products similar to international athletes; they want swimwear designs to fit their local needs. As a result, Asian-fit swimwear and goggles are made specifically for Chinese consumers thanks to the demand. Now, young women are interested in sporty swimwear instead of the cute styles they were used to in the past.

It’s predicted that the Chinese will continue to grow, and more demands for swimwear will skyrocket. Price isn’t much of an issue; instead, people will want quality products designed to their preference.

According to Frost and Sullivan, which is a marketing consultancy, they are anticipating to achieve an annual growth of 20% from 2015 to 2020.

Just in 2015, China saw swimwear sales of $601.3 million which were a huge jump due to the widespread popularity of swimming activities in fitness gyms, seaside resorts, and community centers.

Source: China Daily


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